A story of snow fallingcovering and hiding

Last thing she remembered was pulling out of the airport, her head resting against the car window, watching incoming and outgoing flights. And then her eyes just closed. She always enjoyed the soothing sensation that came with sleeping inside a moving vehicle:

A story of snow fallingcovering and hiding

Leave a Comment Its 6: Its dark, cold and snowing. We pull into the woods and unload the truck. We walk over to the blind and sit down. Off to the right some birds chirp. Off to the left a squirrel jumps along the tree tops. Behind us we can hear some turkeys crashing into the ground.

A story of snow fallingcovering and hiding

We can feel the wind coming in through the holes in the blind. The smell of fresh air makes me not want to leave the woods. I take it all in one bit at a time. The sun is just starting to come over the horizon. Its peaceful and beautiful. Even though we are there for only 10 and a half hours, it feels like an eternity.

This is the time when i feel most connected to nature. This is the time where all you can hear is the animals running around.

This is the time where I feel good. I love deer hunting, not only because I get to shoot at a deer and and eat it, but because its quiet and peaceful. The woods is a place where I can get away from all the commotion and craziness of the world.


In the woods I feel like I have become connected with the woods. The wind that blows through the trees makes me think that the forest is trying to tell me something. I love sitting in the woods and thinking. There are the days that are dreary and overcast. The mood is sullen and dark, and the family is bored.

The cold reaches to the bone and chills throughout the body.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Short Kid Stories

The tree branches are stark bare, their leaves stripped off in the fall; their beauty gone. Dirt covers the wet snow that lays uneven over the yard, or piled on the side of the driveway.Dear readers, I would like to thanks you all for the encouraging and favorable words I had received through the comments section or by PM for the first chapter of Hidden in the Snow.

Prelude. Welcome to A Story of Snow! This site is dedicated to providing an accurate chronicle of the parentage of Jon Snow from A Song of Ice and iridis-photo-restoration.com references are based off the book series (not the HBO television series).

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Learn more. Product Format: Board book. The Snow Birds, is a children's short story to share at winter time - Kids Stories for Winter.

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Disney Publishing’s Twisted Tale series always has us falling in love with our favorite Disney characters all over again.

A story of snow fallingcovering and hiding

This time, the series is reimagining Snow White and the Evil Queen’s story in Mirror, Mirror: A Twisted Tale, an upcoming book in the series by Jen Calonita. Take a look at.

A Children's story about Winter - The Snow Birds - Kids Winter Stories