An analysis of the world and its origin of human

Map of early diversification of modern humans according to mitochondrial population genetics see: The first lineage to branch off from Mitochondrial Eve is L0. It is also found among the Mbuti people.

An analysis of the world and its origin of human

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

What is “Worldview” and Why is it Important?

By Foster Gamble Worldview is just a term meaning how you interpret reality, or what you believe to be true. As far as I can tell, we each have one — and though it has been vastly influenced by the thoughts of those we read, watch or associate with, we each actually have a unique perspective on what is going on.

Worldviews can and do change. In general, worldview has been most influenced by religion and science. If science teaches us that the planet is part of a closed system and the Earth is winding down, with limited resources and in time will simply use itself up, then a worldview of scarcity is likely to result.

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If science were to teach that the Universe is alive, and this planet is part of a living infinitely abundant universe —and that the energy winding down is matched by energy winding up, in a dynamic of expansion and contraction, that can be tapped in to cleanly and harmoniously to provide for all people everywhere, we are likely to believe that evolution is ongoing and there is plenty to go around.

The key is that our belief system determines what we think is possible, and what we think is possible influences the results we create or allow in life. The interactions of all our individual worldviews shapes the condition of humanity and therefore, given our technologies, of planet Earth.

And cells awoke one morning to find that molecules were actually inside them, as part of their very being. And you might awake one morning and find that nature is a part of you, literally internal to your being.

You are not just a part of nature, nature is a part of you. And for just that reason, you treat nature as you would treat your lungs or your kidneys. A spontaneous environmental ethics surges forth from your heart, and you will never again look at a river, a leaf, a deer, a robin, in the same way.

The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent. So what creates a Worldview?

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Burning a finger on a hot stove informs our future behavior. Being told what to eat by our parents shapes our early diets. Being abused triggers avoidance and kindness engenders trust.

On a larger scale, however, our beliefs are predominantly determined by those who control our access to information media and our social structures, including schoolsbecause these institutions dictate what beliefs and behaviors are rewarded and which are punished.

My research has convinced me that the prevailing worldview of the 21st century, in which war is considered a viable or necessary means of problem solving, that starvation is inevitable for some people on this planet, and that it is right for some people to tax and control others against their will, is the result of well-organized elite who own the systems through which information and values are disseminated.

They use the media, education, pharmaceutical and military pyramids they control to shape our thinking, and therefore our behavior — ideally through subtle mind manipulation, but, if necessary, through coercion and violence.

It is vital to consider the motivation and funding sources of those who are shaping our worldview: We are careening into a world of a few haves and billions of suffering have-nots. If you were intimidated as a child and taught that you were either going to be in control or be controlled, it would make some sense that you would choose control, and devote your life to getting and staying in charge over others.

Unfortunately our political and economic systems reward this. How do I discover what my own Worldview is? I suggest you create a personal profile of your belief system with a list of questions something like this: Do I have a body or does my consciousness arise from the combination of cells that is my body?

Should I believe what seems popular or strategic to believe, or can I truly think for myself and trust my direct experience? Am I part of a larger power or intelligence than me?

An analysis of the world and its origin of human

If so, how do I relate to or communicate with it? Is it separate from me?

An analysis of the world and its origin of human

What gives meaning to my existence? What is my purpose and the purpose of life?Analysis definition is - a detailed examination of anything complex in order to understand its nature or to determine its essential features: a thorough study. How to use analysis in a sentence. An Analysis of Human Resources Practices at Starbucks Coffee Company Organizations must perform at reliable and successful levels to stay in business.

One indicator of organizational performance is its human resources outcomes. Human evolution is about the origin of human beings. All humans belong to the same species, which has spread from its birthplace in Africa to almost all parts of the world.

Its origin in Africa is proved by the fossils which have been found there.

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Molecular genetic analysis of remains of a 2,year-old human population in China-and its relevance for the origin of the modern Japanese population. Human Trafficking: A Brief Overview Introduction Millions of men, women and children are victims of the World Bank Group to further engage this issue in its operations.

What is Human Trafficking? Human trafficking is a process of people being recruited in their community and country of. Isotope analysis is the identification of isotopic signature, the abundance of certain stable isotopes and chemical elements within organic and inorganic compounds.

Isotopic analysis can be used to understand the flow of energy through a food web, to reconstruct past environmental and climatic conditions, to investigate human and animal diets in the past, for food authentification, and a variety of other .

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