Arguments for and against waiver essay

More than years later, people continue to falsely confess to crimes ranging from academic cheating to murder. But the mystery of why someone would falsely confess persists. Unlike the Salem Witch Trials, most false confessions today are provided under psychological duress, but without torture or threats of physical harm. Do the generally accepted modern police methods still produce false confessions, or does the responsibility for false confession fall entirely on the confessor?

Arguments for and against waiver essay

Tweet on Twitter In deciding whether to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act ACAgovernors and state legislatures face a complex, politically and fiscally challenging choice.

The decision on Medicaid eligibility expansion is already a hot topic in state capitals and state election campaigns. In this post, I outline some of the main arguments for and against a state opting for ACA Medicaid eligibility expansion.

Due process and equal protection

Effective Januarythe ACA originally expanded Medicaid eligibility to most adults between age 18 and 64 with incomes below percent of the federal poverty level FPL. According to the Congressional Budget Office CBOthis was expected to add at least 16 million new enrollees to the 68 million currently enrolled in Medicaid.

By itself, the streamlining is expected to a significantly increase Medicaid program enrollment, b reduce lapses or interruptions in Medicaid coverage, and c lengthen the average time individuals are enrolled in Medicaid.

For Medicaid costs of the expansion population, ACA offers states with enhanced federal match — percent in CY and thereafter phasing down from 95 percent to 90 percent.

If a state failed to implement the expansion, it faced the possible loss of all federal Medicaid funding — effectively making it an offer the states could not refuse. However, in NFIB v. Sebeliusthe U. Supreme Court ruled that Congress could not coerce states into expanding Medicaid.

As a result, the ACA Medicaid eligibility expansion is now optional for each state. Following is a sampling of arguments — pro and con — regarding the new state option for ACA Medicaid eligibility expansion.

These are provided for educational purposes only without comment on their relative merits, counter arguments, or appropriateness for any given state or stakeholder.

They do not necessarily represent my own opinions or those of my clients, my friends, or my dog. They are also intentionally written in context, whether pro or con, and are in no particular order.

It is also not an exhaustive list. So with those caveats in mind, here are some arguments in brief.

Anti-discrimination statute

Good Financial Deal for the State: Economic Impact on State: The additional federal funding will lead to new jobs, tax revenues from for-profit providers and health plans, and other direct and indirect economic benefits to the state. This is unsustainable and threatens access to care for everyone — both the insured and uninsured.

Medicaid eligibility expansion will bring in new, much needed revenue and significantly reduce uncompensated care. Industry groups supported ACA assuming new revenue from insurance coverage expansions would largely albeit not necessarily fully offset the lost revenue from payment cuts.

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Call us at [This post was co-written by Chris Bertram, Corey Robin and Alex Gourevitch] “In the general course of human nature, a power over a man’s subsistence amounts to a power over his will.” —Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 79 Libertarianism is a philosophy of individual freedom.

Cons of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults. 1. Put Young Offenders At High Risk One of the biggest problems of a young offender being tried as an adult is the fact that they could possibly be sent to an adult correctional facility.

This is a very dangerous situation, especially if they are very young. Many of these juveniles lack the maturity to. Juvenile Death Penalty One of the most controversial questions in the juvenile justice system today is, “Should the death penalty be applied to juveniles?

”. A lot of people think that the death penalty for juveniles is cruel and unusual punishment and should only be used for adults. The crimes that juveniles commit are as [ ].

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Plea Bargain Debate Name Institution Date Explain the plea bargaining process. In many criminal cases, most parties prefer resolving the cases out of court by coming to an agreement the process is commonly referred to as lea bargaining process (Batra, ).

Arguments for and against waiver essay
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