Disadvantages of skill development programmed

Employees without the appropriate training often lack the confidence and ability to do their jobs properly. As a result, many businesses implement strict training programs. However, some businesses may cross the line into over-training their workforce, and this creates with several problems. Increased Stress Many companies offer continuous training to their employees.

Disadvantages of skill development programmed

According to the aims of reading, the teachers use many methods to teach as they do their effort to make the students enjoy reading the text and achieve the purposes; moreover they use the computers to assist language learning.

This paper discusses what reasons do the teachers use computers to develop reading skills; is it possible to use computers? Is it sensible or appropriate to use computers for such purposes? As we know, teachers have some methods to teach English as second language, to make the students are able to speak fluently and write well, and also comprehend the text.

Reading is a part of language skills. The text presents letters, sentences, and paragraphs that encode the meaning. Reader knowledge, skills and strategies include: Linguistic competence as the ability to recognize the elements of the writing system; understanding of vocabulary: Discourse competence it is the knowledge of discourse markers and how they fix parts of the text to one another.

Sociolinguistic competence as knowledge about different type of texts and their usual structure and content. Strategic competence it is the ability to use top down strategies as well as knowledge of the language Bryners2. Moreover, reading and the type of text have the purpose to determine the specific knowledge, skills and strategies that the reader need to apply to achieve reading comprehension.

Because reading comprehension is more than decoding, it results when the reader knows which skill and strategies are suitable for the type of text, and understands how to relate them to complete the purpose Bryners ,2. An important application is in direct instruction of basic skills.

Computers offer engaging, interactive activities for general and targeted practice. They give student immediate corrective feedback, and some programs provide incentives for progress to higher levels of difficulty.

Advantage: Energizing Talent in the Ranks

Teachers also use programs to track student progress. Further, computers allow students to create and share work. Some software allows them to create graphics and multimedia projects, while word processing facilitates writing projects.

Disadvantages of skill development programmed

The internet allows information sharing through such resources such online research, personal web pages, and e-mail. Moreover, electronic references allow students to conduct research more easily and in new and different ways from traditional research. One of the biggest concerns of teachers and instructors is that students are failing to learn critical reading skills that they need to progress satisfactory through the upper levels of their education.

Disadvantage: It’s a Long Road

Commercial reading software developers have worked hard to create software that gives learners real opportunities to read critically and develop critical reading, and critical thinking, skills.

As Levy states that there are three main reasons for teachers why they use the computers for teaching reading skills. Computer software is interactive. The most important benefits of commercial reading software is its ability to engage the students.

Most current reading requires that a student do more than merely punch buttons. The interactive software provides students with the chance to produce their own questions and leads the students through guided practice situations."Disadvantages Of Skill Development Programmed" Essays and Research Papers Disadvantages Of Skill Development Programmed Slide 1 A very good morning to honorable judges and my dear friends.

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Skill development will enable the youths to get blue-collar jobs. Development of skills, at a young age, right at the school level, is very essential to . The Skills Development Act 97 of is a law enacted in South Africa in In , organizations in the U.S.

spent over $70 billion on leadership development and corporate training programs, according to the Corporate Learning Factbook.

An effective leadership development program can create advantages for employees and organizations, such as improved decision-making and communication within the workplace. Make In India (political program) Pros and Cons.

Disadvantages of skill development programmed

India. Originally Answered: What are the advantages and disadvantages of "Make in India" started by PM Narendra Modi? Most logically, it should be towards infrastructure development and organisation of various skill programs.

With wage rate in China increasing and China finding it. Skill-based pay adopted because "everyone is doing it" has a marginal chance for survival. Since pay is an outlay of money by the company, this rationale will not support a system once competitive cost pressures arise.

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