Great gatsby film critique

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Great gatsby film critique

Philip Geraci said on Sunday, August 24, 5: Chrissaid on Sunday, March 16, Every other person who has reviewed this film either hasn't read the novel, or doesn't understand it… the film was by FAR the best adaptation that's been made, the acting was absolutely on point.

Great gatsby film critique

My only problem was the music, I think it could have been done a little better, but other than that it was stellar. Marksaid on Monday, December 02, And I can't help but think Mr. Roeper missed out on the finest criticism that leaps out at you from the moment it is first presented until the last This soundtrack absolutely blows!!!!!

As I see it, that is likely the reason for the minus on the grade. If the soundtrack was re-recorded with a better music selection Better luck next time.

Perhaps Mr Roeper had just come from the Canarble Wagon when he gave this review. DiCaprio played it like nobodys business. Mulligan fell short, Mia Farrow was a better Daisy.

Lurhmann brought a new RICH version of the great novel. He definitely made it his own, and spectacularly done. Luhrmann for making a fulfilling, all encapsulating movie. Prestonsaid on Saturday, June 01, Leonardo was a much better Gatsby than Redford. I expected more from the older movie as I kept hearing how great it was, but it was difficult to sit through the old version after seeing how good a movie Gatsby could be with the new version.

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Nancysaid on Tuesday, May 28, Gatsby was chasing the American dream in which he romanticize that Daisy would fulfill.

I would go as far to say he didn't really love Daisy. Daisy doesn't love anybody but herself. Robert Redford as Gatsby made me sleepy. Roper for seeing the potential in this movie.

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I felt that Baz's rendition made the book more glamorous and exciting. I find the book to be a bit dull, and forgive my opinion on this, that it allowed the movie to really capture my imagination and bring this story to life in a more energetic way. I think the casting was spot on, Toby played a perfect Nick, because Nick was quite boring and was the tote doll during the book.

Gatsby and Leo together is explosive. Leo is incredible and can really transform and he really appreciates the rolls he's given.Great review, Jake. I had absolutely no desire to see this film because while I enjoy the book, I really, really value that whole time period and see it as deeply formative to how we became who we are today, and I don’t really care for DiCaprio and loathe Toby Maguire.

The movie shows him writing The Great Gatsby in a sanitarium as an assignment from a doctor to help him regain his sanity! That was grossly insulting to Fitzgerald but thankfully was the worst mistep.

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The Great Gatsby, Directed by Baz iridis-photo-restoration.comng Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, and Jason Clarke. SYNOPSIS: A Midwestern war veteran finds.

The Great Gatsby [F. Scott Fitzgerald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A true classic of twentieth-century literature, this edition has been updated by Fitzgerald scholar James L.W.

West III to include the author’s final revisions and features a note on the composition and text. A 'Great Gatsby'? Leonardo DiCaprio suits up to play the mysterious, magnetic title character in Baz Luhrmann's exuberantly turbulent film adaptation of the F.

Scott Fitzgerald novel. The film is about the great love of a man (Gatsby) to a woman (his beloved Daisy). He dedicated his life to her, she was his dream, his guiding star, the most desirable, unique and unrepeatable. They are from different worlds – she is a spoiled rich girl, but he is the son of poor farmers.

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