How to change your vehicles oil

Why do I need to change engine oil?

How to change your vehicles oil

An oil change and filter change is one of the most common forms of preventative maintenance services for vehicles. How often do you need to change your oil and oil filter? You should change your oil as often as your vehicle manufacturer recommends, as all cars are different. For decades, all cars needed an oil change every miles, and many cars still on the road do need that interval; and some new ones do as well.

However, that interval has been increasing to 5, to 10, and even higher in some cars.

How to Do an Oil Change

For that reason, you need to refer to your manufacturers recommendations to understand how often your car needs an oil change. If you drive in certain extreme conditions, you might need to change your oil more frequently.

The good thing about an oil life monitor is that it actually monitors how you are driving, and it makes sure you change the oil only when you need to. Oil Filter The oil filter helps remove impurities from the oil water, dirt, metal and particles that could otherwise harm your engine.

When using a jack, exercise caution to ensure no accidents. Always secure the vehicle with jack stands, ramps or cribs. We recommend installing wheel chocks to the opposite end being lifted to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Place a container under the oil pan to catch the old oil. Remove the drain plug and let the old oil collect in the pan.

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Clean the drain plug and reinstall it. If the drain plug gasket appears damaged, replace it. Remove the old oil filter. Place the new spin-on filter onto the base and tighten until the seal ring connects with the base, then give it a half turn.

How to change your vehicles oil

Overtightening can split the gasket or distort the filter. Wipe the base of the oil filter clean. Reinstall the new oil filter. Make sure the oil pan drain plug is reinstalled. Fill the engine with new oil. Be sure to use the manufacturer-recommended grade and viscosity of engine oil. Dispose of old oil responsibly.

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Maintaining the right engine oil level is extremely important. When engine oil is low, you risk overheating the remaining oil, resulting in diminished lubrication.

When the engine oil level is too high, it can lead to oil foaming, which also results in reduced lubrication and engine protection.

Here is how to check your engine oil level: This allows the oil sitting on top of the engine to drain into the drain pan.

The dipstick typically has a yellow handle and, in many cases, an oil lamp icon on the handle. Pull the dipstick out using the handle and wipe any oil residue off the stick.

Check the engine oil level during every other fuel fill-up. Instead, oil level is digitally displayed in the instrument panel.How To Pick The Right Motor Oil For Your Car There are many choices when it comes to picking the appropriate oil for your car's engine.

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Our guide breaks down your choices to help you in the quest. An overabundance of lubricant choices have oversaturated the market, and since all of them promise to do different things, car owners often feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on an oil change.

Changing your car’s engine oil is actually easy. You just have to have the correct tools for the job and an understanding of how to perform the oil change and you should be doing great.

The type of engine oil, the age and make of your vehicle and driving habits dictate when to change engine oil.

According to Ford Motor Company, drivers with typical driving habits that own and newer models should change their engine oil every 7, miles or six months, or whichever comes first.

I have two vehicles, a F FX4 with 70, miles and a Explorer with 20, miles. Using Motorcraft oil, which I understand is a synthetic blend, the oil change interval recommended is .

Before starting your oil change make sure you purchase the correct grade of oil for your car's engine. SAE 10W30 is the most popular grade and some for the newer cars we recommend SAE 5W30, especially when the weather is cold.

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