How to write a ya query letter

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How to write a ya query letter

Enabling third party cookies on your browser could help if you have trouble leaving a comment. Thursday, October 13 Query Me This: It's also a really good test to see if your book has all the right pieces. It helps identify your protag, antagonist, core conflict, and stakes.

Choosing What to Say Before you write anything, identify the elements you want to include. This is what's going to be turned into your hook, or the paragraphs that describe your novel and show why it's so awesome. Who is the book about? This is your protagonist.

It can be a single person, or a group of people if it's an ensemble cast. You also want to say a little about them, something that is important to the overall story. This detail is the reason you chose them to be the protag.

So you might have Bob, a man caught in a love triangle during the zombie apocalypse, or five guys from Jersey who all need a lot of cash fast. What problem do they face? This is the core conflict of your novel.

What the book is about. In most stories, this will be an external problem. Literary novels are different, as the conflict is often internal growth instead of external conflict.

So you might have survive the zombie apocalypse or rob a bank. In quieter novels, you might have get over son's death, or find the courage to leave her husband. Where does this story take place?

This is your setting. So you might have a post-apocalyptic Buffalo, the Kingdom of Gizat, or a small town in Minnesota. You might even have something tighter, like the prison block on a space freighter, or a cabin in the woods.THE PERFECT QUERY LETTER by Irene Goodman.

As agents, we are usually the first people in the business to see your query. That is a responsibility we take seriously. Don't make us guess.

If it's historical fiction about an unhappy queen, say that. If it's a YA contemporary about a twerking contest, say that.

how to write a ya query letter

Do state the word length. It. A query letter has three concise paragraphs: the hook, the mini-synopsis, and your writer’s biography.

Don’t stray from this format.

Janet Reid, Literary Agent: Query Question: Absolute Write

You won’t catch an agent’s attention by inventing a. Full query letter example. Special advice on email queries. Email queries tend to get read and rejected more quickly than snail mail queries; with that in mind, you may want to create two separate versions of your query letter, one for email and another for printing.

Here’s a formatting process I recommend: Write your query in Word or TextEdit.

how to write a ya query letter

From the moment I sent my first query letter to a literary agent in February , I starting looking forward to writing one of those “How I Got My Agent” posts—the ones that show aspiring authors there is light at the end of the querying tunnel. The query letter has one purpose, and one purpose only: to seduce the agent or editor into reading or requesting your work.

The query letter is so much of a sales piece that you should be able to write it without having written a single word of the manuscript. Because a query only shows that you can write a letter. A proposal begins the process of showing that you know how to write a book. Address the letter to a specific person.

If sending something to The Steve Laube Agency, simply address the appropriate agent. Hints for a Great Cover Letter [ ] How to Write a Query Letter for Your Book.

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