Minority vs majority government

October 1, Share Story In our parliamentary democracy the party that wins the most seats in a general election forms the government.

Minority vs majority government

My response below are in 'red'. Well why does it not do for the other religions? Let the Religious bodies themselves decide as to the administration. It is not the onus of the Govt to selectively bracket a religion in the name of administration. I would not have raised this point if the Govt had started to administer the affairs of all Religions.

Today, if a Hindu governing body representing all Hindu sects files a case against the government, the HRCE will go away. The problem is such a single organization does not exist. Take the famed Chidambaram temple - the Vishnu part of it is administered by HRCE at the request of the Vaishnavites, where as the Shiva part is administered by the Dikshidhars on the basis of antiquity, which the courts have upheld.

So, how does one allocate the collections?

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This is the basic issue. We Hindus ourselves have asked the Government be it British or after independence to take care of our affairs, because we could not acheive the consensus. The government is not involved in other religions, because they have top level administering bodies, without any mixture of denominations in their worship places.

The Jathi system is not evil; it depends of how it is practised and perceived. Democracy of fools does not make an intelligent wrong.

Yes - it is like saying that the hand guns or the nukes by themselves are not evil. The fact is, today, jathis are used for nefarious purposes by politicians to divide and rule, and used by the Jathis themselves to practice clannism.

They also promote illogical practices that are against humanity as well as against logic. If you want, I can produce various examples. You are talking about relative perceptions here. The atmosphere where you reside may comprise of non-hindus who are interested to know its tenets. I am talking about existing Hindus and my experiences in India, and hence your comparison is incorrect.

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My perceptions, even though I live in the west are not limited to the west. I travel to India quite often. I don't see Hinduism in retreat. I see some political manipulations of religion and I see some misplaced minority activities.

I see new temples everywhere and the old temples filled. A culture exists mainly through language and that is why everybody is so possessive about their language.

I am a brahmin in a traditional mode in my house and in a societal mode outside. I still wear panchakachams. It is good that you wear your jathi symbol proudly. That is your prerogatives.

But what my argument was that if a Brahmin chooses to wear a pair of pants, he is no less a Brahmin than you. Languages are there for a purpose. You can not brow beat people in to learning a language.

But I am finding everywhere a revival of interest in Sanskrit though.Majority vs Minorities The majority and the minority bring forth change in policy in a democratic society.

Majority rule means that, if there were an over whelming amount of support on a issue their voices would be heard by the government. Oct 14,  · Labor and the Coalition each has a minority of seats in the House of Representatives, so either would be a minority government.

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A majority government occurs when one party has a majority of seats, which has not happened in this iridis-photo-restoration.com: Resolved.

Majority vs. Minority Quote #3 When a majority is included in a faction, the form of popular government, on the other hand, enables it to sacrifice to its ruling passion or interest both the public good and the rights of other citizens.

Majority vs Minorities The majority and the minority bring forth change in policy in a democratic society. Majority rule means that, if there were an over whelming amount of support on a issue their voices would be heard by the government.

Aug 24,  · The Federalist # Majority vs. Minority Rule, B.S. vs. Passion Let’s move on to Federalist #22, again by Alexander Hamilton.

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While I sometimes find Hamilton tedious, as I mentioned earlier, he can also display a ferocious command of logic, political acuity, historical example, and rhetoric. Aug 17,  · People, this is America. Our system is designed around a simple, yet powerful, principle: majority rules, minority rights.

Minority vs majority government

What that means, in our democratic system of government, is .

American is becoming a majority-minority nation. It’s already happened in our public schools