Proton and demand of automotive industry in malaysia

However, the industry yardstick is not dictated by Proton. We are all aware and understand that Proton is not an industry leader in the automotive sector. In fact, this is precisely what Dr Mahathir Mohamad, our current prime minister, has been harping on.

Proton and demand of automotive industry in malaysia

Ford Malaya was incorporated in Singapore, and the company set up a small garage in a two-storey shop house on Anson Road. In mid, GM approached the British administration in Singapore and requested permission to build an assembly plant in the affluent Tanjong Katong area.

Proton and demand of automotive industry in malaysia

GM was granted permission to set up an assembly plant near Bataviaand in FebruaryN. In JulyGeneral Motors revived plans for an assembly plant in Singapore.

SingaporeSarawak and North Borneo remained British crown colonies.

Proton and demand of automotive industry in malaysia

In the late s, the Malayan government began to emphasise industrialisation as a more dependable sector for economic stability and growth.

The earliest Malaysian-made goods produced as a result of the new ISI policy included batteries, tires and paints.

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The merger had granted the latter three states their independence. The new joint Malaysian-Singaporean governments later announced plans to establish an ISI-based national automotive industry, as per the recommendation of advisers from the Colombo Plan.

The government would issue manufacturing licenses to both foreign and local companies who were interested in setting up automobile assembly plants in any Malaysian state, including Singapore.

Byboth Malaysia and Singapore boasted a roughly equal number of assembly plants. The Singaporean plants were almost entirely backed by British and German companies, while the vast majority of Japanese companies backed Malaysian plants exclusively.

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Rising costs, low local content, competition from Japanese cars, limited exports and a small domestic market had made local assembly unsustainable by the mids.PROTON Holdings Berhad, (PHB; informally Proton) is a Malaysia-based corporation active in automobile design, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

Proton was established in as the sole national badged car company until the advent of Perodua in Challenges and Opportunities for Malaysian Automotive Industry Dr (Mrs) Muneer Sultana The entry of Proton in to the local automobile market The inception of the "Heavy Industry Corp of Malaysia" (HICOM) in to spur iron and steel manufacturing in the country marked the beginning of.

Hence, the main objective of this paper is to forecast the demand of automotive Proton car industry in Malaysia using system dynamics approach. Two types of intervention namely optimistic and pessimistic experiments scenarios have been tested to determine the capacity expansion that can prevent the company from overstocking.


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1 Automotive Industry C PROTON and PERODUA, has transformed Malaysia from a mere motor car assembler into a car manufacturer. The industry advantage of the buoyant consumer demand. International component manufacturers, such as TRW, Delphi, Continental, Nippon Wiper Blade.

3 At the initial stage, under the vision to industrialise Malaysia, automotive industry was intended to spur the demands for parts and component and thereby encouraging the development of small and medium .

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