The intertwining truth

Reality Polkinghorne explains "how natural the task of exploring reality is for someone whose intellectual formation has been in the sciences" p xi and asserts his belief in Critical realism against Postmodernism.

The intertwining truth

Some go as far as saying we are divine. This article reflects on how the human and divine are interconnected — realizing that a great deal of it is in the realm of mystery.

God is One The Bible states emphatically that God is one — there are no other gods beside the Almighty Creator who rules the earth and universe e. This monotheistic concept can be extended further into a panentheistic concept which states that not only is there only one God, but all that exists is in God, or more accurately in emanations from God -- God's thoughts, creative imagination and power, as well as life force.

The Holy Scriptures support this concept as well: We, as well as all living creatures, are sustained by the omnipresent universal divine life force which connects us to God and The intertwining truth all creation Acts In a sense, God -- his creative spirit -- moves over so that the created universe can come into being.

God also withdraws a measure of power and control to The intertwining truth for free will found to some degree in all creation, but seen to the largest extent in humanity. Yet, God is also very aware of and concerned for the creation including humankind Psalms In fact, every creature has a part of the divine within -- being "powered" by divine life-giving energy.

The latest understanding of the nature of the universe is that only about 4 percent of its mass and energy is detectable through physical senses or instruments. The Scriptures tell us that God is invisible, dwelling in unapproachable light or thick darkness see Colossians 1: Yet while God is hidden or camouflaged, humans are to seek God — his nearness can be discerned.

The creation and history witness of and point to the existence and nature of God, as does interpersonal love. The image however is at the soul level and is reflected in attributes such as love, creativity, and reasoning ability.

Each person's soul, encased in a spirit body, continues life and development in the spirit world. See also Salvation as Soul Transformation.

Evil Human Nature Can Be Transformed Christianity, based on the story of the first humans in the Garden of Eden and their expulsion because of disobedience to God, talks about the Fall of humanity whereby the image of God was marred.

Whether or not the Genesis story is literally true, experience shows that humans, true to the image of God, have the potential for doing a great amount of good, show amazing love and care to others, and be incredibly creative in producing inspiring and awesome works.

On the dark side, however, people can be frighteningly mean and cruel to each other with their inventiveness channelled to causing a tremendous amount of suffering, pain, and destruction Genesis 1: The Bible attributes the evil in humans to a "heart of stone" or a "law of sin and death" — an enslaving sinful nature, which is hostile to God and unable to be subject to the laws of God.

It leads to acts such as idolatry, immorality, selfishness, rage, envy, jealousy, murder, and more. This is often the natural human inclination — humans are by nature slaves of sin Ezekiel This bleak state of affairs, however, is not the end of the story.

The Holy Spirit imparts the divine nature, which enables humans to follow the way of love. This way of life must, however, be consciously chosen and can only be sustained through divine empowerment. See also Divine Plan of Salvation. We can train ourselves to focus on this divine beauty and goodness that is deep within ourselves and others as a result of the image and life force of God.

The intertwining truth

The Scriptures tell us that God, who is love, does exactly that. Being aware of the proclivity to evil and sin in humanity, God decided to redeem it — to cleanse humans from sin through his own divine love and nature. Jesus came as a messenger and mediator of the way to salvation by teaching the renewed availability of the divine love and nature to transform human souls from divine image to divine likeness.

After the Fall, he was the first to exemplify a life filled with the divine love, thus realizing his full human potential.

The intertwining truth

See also Jesus Christ.Aug 12,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. The Visible and the Invisible: The Intertwining—The Chiasm Maurice Merleau-Ponty [Originally from The Visible and the Invisible, pp.

in the version from Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Basic Writings, ed. Thomas Baldwin, Routledge ().] Introduction by Thomas Baldwin.

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