Tips for writing a successful cihr grant application

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Tips for writing a successful cihr grant application

tips for writing a successful cihr grant application

Registration helps CIHR to arrange the best possible review of your application — we can use the information to recruit additional committee members, as required, and to select the most appropriate reviewers.

This works well, however, only if there is minimal if any change in the information we receive at registration and in the full application. Please use the same name of principal applicant, title of the application, and requested committee in both documents. You may alter the summary, budget, suggested reviewers, and so on, but the application number you receive by registering is not a licence to then submit any application.

If, after registering, you do not submit a full application, please contact CIHR to tell us you are withdrawing from the competition. Applications rated below 3. Nevertheless, a proposal rated less than 3. Scientific Officers are asked to encourage applicants to resubmit these proposals if this is the case.

Some applicants choose not to use the rebuttal pages, preferring not to identify the application as a resubmission. Nevertheless, the committees, upon re-review of an application, do frequently consider whether the applicant has satisfactorily addressed the concerns that were previously raised, and are generally favourably disposed toward an applicant who has attempted to do so.

However, doing so does not guarantee that the application will be funded the second time around, or even that it will be rated higher than before. The resubmission is in a brand new competition, is being compared to a new group of competing applications, and may have been assigned to different reviewers than previously.

tips for writing a successful cihr grant application

Therefore, it is wise to consider major changes or a totally different project rather than submit the same application again. For example, margins are inadequate, font is too small, pages are too numerous, figure and table captions contain information that should be included in the proposal text, and appendices are included that are not allowed.

CIHR may reject your application if it does not conform to the guidelines, so read and follow them carefully. Committee members complain about applicants who do not follow the guidelines. Such applicants are often perceived as attempting to get an edge in the competition by including more material than other applicants are allowed, and this can be construed negatively.

It is in your interest to follow the specified format guidelines to most favourably dispose the reviewers toward your application. The Chairperson and Scientific Officer of the committee then assign reviewers, both internal and external where necessaryfor each application they are to consider.

If they believe their committee does not have the expertise to evaluate a given proposal, they will return it to CIHR staff for reassignment to a more suitable committee.

CIHR will notify applicants, in advance of the review, of any change in committee from that preferred by the applicant. If you are uncertain which committee is most appropriate to review your application, you should consult CIHR staff to discuss this before completing your application.

This is why you must explain and justify all items in the budget you request. If you include a need for research personnel and trainees, state their roles and explain why you require the level in terms of qualifications and salary that you are requesting.

Itemize the expendables and services; for example, number and cost of animals, nature and amounts of reagents, numbers of subjects, or number and cost of printing survey instruments.

For travel requests, indicate the purpose of the trip swho will travel, and their destination s. Itemize your equipment requirements, with price quotations attached as required.

Describe why you need the equipment and what else is available. Attach supporting letters from institutional officials that attest that the equipment is not currently available at your institution. It is not unusual to hear a committee say that they would have been more comfortable if a named collaborator had been a co-applicant of the proposal instead.

This would assure the committee of the feasibility of the proposed work, since, as a co-applicant, the individual makes a firmer commitment to ensure that the work is completed.

Describe the roles of all co-applicants in your proposal. For example, would one hour a week really be a meaningful commitment? Committees have been known to wonder if names were added simply to increase the number of pages allowed in the application!

Remember to include the signatures of all applicants —principal and co-applicants on or with Page 1 of the application form. These signatures signify that the applicant s undertake s certain responsibilities in regard to the application and subsequent grant, if awarded see Grants and Awards Guide, Section1: CIHR does not release funding until it obtains all signatures.

Note that co-applicants cannot receive a salary from this or any other CIHR grant though they are permitted to hold a CIHR award while involved in a funded project. If you plan to pay anyone, such as your student or technician, from the grant, do not include them as a co-applicant.

Nevertheless, you must still indicate on Page 1 of the application whether human or animal subjects are involved and whether containment will be required in the research. If you do not include this information, CIHR will follow up with the local authorities to see if you have sought ethics approval or have the required facilities respectively.

In addition, committees may raise ethical concerns of their own about a proposal.Tips for writing a successful CIHR Grant Application or Request for Renewal * the currently held grant will be terminated on the date for which funding of a successful grant in that competition would have begun.

If CIHR receives a renewal application after the renewal date (and a postponement of the renewal date or extension of the grant. CIHR grant writing tips (Biomedical) Brian Mark Microbiology CIHR vs. NSERC! preliminary research can strengthen the grant and demonstrate your competence without wasting space in the proposal.

Your grant should be But do not just throw in an application to “test the water”. Once you’re in, you should resubmit in the very next. Tips for writing a successful CIHR Grant Application or Request for Renewal.

(PMID PMCID:PMC) Full Text Citations Tips for writing a successful CIHR Grant Application or Request for Renewal * the currently held grant will be terminated on the date for which funding of a successful grant in that competition .

Tips for Successful CIHR Applications The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is Canada’s funding agency dedicated to health research. The CIHR funds research in all areas of health, from basic lab research to .

Tips for writing a successful CIHR Grant Application or Request for Renewal* ered a “new” application. CIHR will consider requests for postponement of the renewal date, without additional funding, for periods up to one year, provided that the applicant makes the request.

CIHR’sObjectives “To excel, according to internationally accepted standards of scientific excellence in the creation of new knowledge and its translation into improved health for Canadians, more effective health services and products and a strengthened.

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