Write about one of the five fundamental principles

What are the 7 principles of testing?

Write about one of the five fundamental principles

Some KP astrologers give more importance to star lord of sub lord rather than sub lord itself. Ruling Planets method Check the ruling planets for the time of judgment of the horoscope. The ruling planets that are also found in the significators of the house grouping are the strongest significators.

In other words select the planets which are common among singificator for the aspect and ruling planets. Selection of Fruitful significator: Out of the significators mentioned above and select the fruitful significators as follows: Take the planets which are posited in the sub of the significators whose constellations are not tenanted5 Significators appearing many times amongst the Ruling Planets and significators.

If the sublord of primary house under consideration is signifying house group related to the matter under consideration then the matter is going to fructify and the answer is positive.

On the contrary, if it sublord of primary house is signifying detrimental houses see good and bad houses above alone then the matter will not fructify 3.

write about one of the five fundamental principles

But, if it sublord of primary house is signifying house group as well as detrimental houses then the native will get both the results in different dasa period. As explained in house grouping section, 7th house is the primary house for marriage. These three houses together will be called conductive house group or simply house group for marriage.

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If sublord of 7th house is signifying either 7th or 2nd or 11th then the marriage is promised. The person will definitely marry. This way we can decide the promises related to various aspect of life in a chart. Timing Events Once it is decided whether the event is promised in the chart or not, next important step is to find out when the event will take place.

The matter will fructify in the dasa, bhukti and antara of the significators of houses group for the matter under consideration.

Significators of main and supportive houses needs to be found out according to the method given in the section "Finding House Signifcators. The event will happen in the conjoined period of the signifcators of the house group for the matter under consideration.

Among the signficators, you need out possible dasa lord, bhukti lord and antara lord. If the selected number of sigfinicators are more than three we require one for dasa, one for bhukti and one for antarawe need to find out powerful significators among them according to the rules given in "selection of significator" section.

Generally dasa is for some longer duration. To pin point exact time of happening of an event, we need to see the transit as follows - 1.

Dasa, Bhukti and Antara lord should transit through the significators of the houses under consideration to fructify the event. For even finer timing, we need to check transit of Sun and Moon.

write about one of the five fundamental principles

Sun and Moon should transit through the significators. Sun transit is considered when the event is likely within a year. Moon transit should be considered for pin-pointing an events up to a month. Lagan transit should be considered for predicting the event upto hour and minutes.The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® Model.

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