Writing a panel discussion presentation

For an essay giving background on the contest, click here. The Bad Writing Contest celebrates the most stylistically lamentable passages found in scholarly books and articles published in the last few years. Ordinary journalism, fiction, departmental memos, etc.

Writing a panel discussion presentation

The scientific programme, a full immersion in thoracic surgery and oncology, will combine a series of short lectures with video forum sessions and educational seminars.

Particular attention has been given to the discussion time of the topics in order to promote an active and rewarding participation. The scientific programme is designed to meet the needs of residents as well as young and senior specialists in thoracic surgery, pneumology, and oncology.

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Mueller, and others with a valuable contribution of the Spanish units in each of the meetings. Nearly speakers from Spain and abroad participated in these highly specific meetings. Their highlights were the live surgery programmes featuring systematic nodal dissection and lung resection for lung cancer performed by Japanese thoracic surgeons T.

Asamuraand videomediastinoscopies, extended cervical videomediastinoscopies, video-assisted mediastinal lymphadenectomies, performed by staff thoracic surgeons and invited thoracic surgeons who developed these techniques M. Additionally, topics such as transbronchial needle aspiration and bronchial and oesophageal ultrasound with fine needle aspiration were integrated into the programme due to its clinical relevance and utility.

The number and quality of the scientific publications, guidelines and meetings testify to the long tradition and prestige of these working teams.

Inthe leadership of these three long-standing initiatives joined their efforts in order to concentrate in a single meeting the updated information on several topics in the fields of general thoracic surgery and thoracic oncology.

writing a panel discussion presentation

The successful result in terms of scientific quality, number of participants and encouraging feedback prompted us to promote the celebration of the second, third and now fourth editions of the International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery.

The Spanish Society of Thoracic Surgery organizes an annual congress as well as courses for residents in thoracic surgery. Both groups of professionals constitute an important part of the managing team treating thoracic surgery patients.

They will join us for the first time to discuss burning issues in their respective specialties. Liaoning Cancer Hospital and Institute.May 20,  · How to Conduct a Panel Discussion.

In this Article: Article Summary Putting a Panel Together Planning the Panel Discussion Moderating a Panel Discussion Community Q&A A panel discussion is a public exchange of ideas, giving experts and audience members the 96%(49). Drawn from her extensive experience as a nationally recognized speaker, master facilitator and panel moderator, Kristin Arnold provides a step-by-step approach to help you moderate a lively and informative panel discussion.

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writing a panel discussion presentation

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