Writing and publishing a book on amazon

You've written a book. What do you do with it now? All the late nights tapping away at the keyboard are over, the scrunched-up notes in the paper bin have been taken away and the broken vows to never drink coffee again have faded into well-rested mornings. You have a book.

Writing and publishing a book on amazon

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Share via Email Amanda Hocking: What the historians may omit to mention is the crucial role played in her rise by those furry wide-mouthed friends, the Muppets. To understand the vital Muppet connection we have to go back to April We find Hocking sitting in her tiny, sparsely furnished apartment in Austin, Minnesota.

She is penniless and frustrated, having spent years fruitlessly trying to interest traditional publishers in her work. As a huge Muppets fan, she is more than willing to drive eight hours but has no money for petrol, let alone a hotel for the night. What is she to do? Then it comes to her. She can take one of the many novels she has written over the previous nine years, all of which have been rejected by umpteen book agents and publishing houses, and slap them up on Amazon and other digital ebook sites.

Surely, she can sell a few copies to her family and friends?

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To which Eric replies: Over the past 20 months Hocking has sold 1. All by her lonesome self. Not a single book agent or publishing house or sales force or marketing manager or bookshop anywhere in sight.

writing and publishing a book on amazon

So let the historians take note: Amanda Hocking does get to Chicago to see the Muppets. And along the way she helps to foment a revolution in global publishing. But step inside and convention gives way to a riot of colour.

It is just before Christmas, and Hocking has decorated the house with several plastic trees bedecked in lights and two large Santa stockings pinned expectantly over the mantelpiece.

The sofa is scattered with animals, some of the cuddly toy variety and others alive, notably Elroy the miniature schnauzer and Squeak the cat apparently they get on very well.

She greets me at the door and, without preamble, we talk for the next two hours about her extraordinary rags-to-riches tale and what it means for the future of the book. At 27, and with only a few months in the limelight, she is patently new to the fame game.

She seems nervous at first, answering my questions in short bursts and fiddling with her glasses; but gradually she relaxes as we discuss what for her has been the central passion of her life since an infant.

She was brought up in the Minnesota countryside on the outskirts of Blooming Prairie about 15 miles north of Austin. Her parents divorced when she was young, money was tight and there was no cable TV to wallow in. I would go to the library, or get books at rummage sales.

I got through them so quickly I started reading adult books because they were longer. I remember my mom giving me a box set of five books to last me all summer; I devoured them all in two weeks. It was a way, she now thinks, of coping with the depression that troubled her childhood.

I was sad and morose. I cried a lot, I wrote a lot, and I read a lot; and that was how I dealt with it. The child Hocking began telling her own stories before she could walk.

She was forever inventing make-believe worlds, so much so that the counsellor to whom she was sent for depression concluded that her incessant storytelling was an aberration that had to stop.

Fortunately for Hocking, and for her many fans, her parents took her side in this argument, and she was never sent back to see him.

At 12 she had already begun to describe herself as a writer and by the end of high school she estimates she had written 50 short stories and started countless novels.

writing and publishing a book on amazon

She was very excited by the accomplishment, and printed it out for friends and family, as well as sending it to several publishers. Hocking went on to develop an intimate relationship with rejection letters. She has somewhere in her new house a shoebox full of them.The method for writing a query letter for a publishing house is the same as it is for contacting an agent.

like those offered through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, have given self-published authors many new opportunities! Marketing is very important if you self-publish, so tell everyone you know!

How to. Publish a Book at a Young Age. How to Self-Publish a Book on iridis-photo-restoration.com: Writing, Editing, Designing, Publishing, and Marketing [Chris McMullen] on iridis-photo-restoration.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Self Publishing | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

An additional 66 pages cover e-book design/5(93). KINDLE PUBLISHING - A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO WRITE, EDIT, FORMAT, PUBLISH & MARKET FOR NO $$$ (Writing, Editing, Self-Publishing & Amazon Marketing Secrets) (HOW TO BOOK & GUIDE FOR SMART AUTHORS 1) Kindle Edition. Once you have those, you can start off with these steps - You need to keep a well edited copy of your eBook either a plain text format, a Microsoft Word format or preferably a HTML format.

Using your username and the password, log into the websites 'Digital Text Platform'. Click on that and then on 'Add New Item'. In the end, you will be asked to upload your eBook.

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